Lease interpretations

Lease interpretations

More often than not, the language used in Leases are difficult to interpret. We offer advice and assistance regarding the interpretation of title documents to answer any specific queries you may have.

The team here has experience in answering a broad range of queries from a variety of stakeholders, be it a leaseholder seeking to understand who owns the loft space above their flat, or a landlord seeking to understand who has management responsibilities over the windows to the building.

Generally, assistance with lease interpretation can extend to interpreting:

  • The terms of a lease or transfer for an individual dwelling
  • The review of block-wide or estate-wide leases or transfers for dwellings for the purposes of being able to advise on service charge apportionments, management obligations, rights of way and any other inter-relationship between the rights and obligations set out in those documents
  • Any other title documents for the purposes of understanding how all interests in block(s) and estates are owned and by whom.


Our fees for lease interpretation queries are based on the scale and complexity of the query raised. Following an assessment, we can offer either a fixed fee or an estimate based on an hourly rate a tailored quote and discuss the basis of our charges with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at PDC Conveyancing at with a brief description of your query and preferred contact details, and the team will then contact you with this firm’s ‘lease interpretation’ form for you to complete setting out the essential details of your query.